Live Review: Gringo Star @ DC9, 8/15/2016

For some reason, it frequently seems to be stormy weather when I go to see Gringo Star. Braving pre-apocalyptic skies and Monday night malaise, I ventured over to DC9 to see those Hotlanta honeys do their thang. And, as always, it was worth it: a broken snare drum, frequent instrument switcheroos, and an almighty good time. Take that, severe thunderstorms.

Touring the imminently forthcoming long player The Sides and In Between, the foursome did their darndest to get the kids moving on a Monday night, and with their cheeky chappy psych pop it was hard to resist. New ditties "Still Alive" and "Rotten" commingled delightfully with stalwarts like "All Y'All," "Shadow," and one of my personal favorites, the irrepressible nugget "Make You Mine." 

Always a bit playfully tongue-in-cheek, the rascally psychedelia-meets-British-Invasion tomfoolery went over very well indeed with the Monday night crowd. The boys are out on the road for a long time coming, so do yourselves a favor and go check Gringo Star out, y'all.    


[posted 8.21.16]

[photo by Megan Petty]


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