Sounds of Secret Stages 2016 #5: Greater Pyrenees

It's sweltering out there, which can only mean it's getting to be about time for the 2016 installment of Alabama's awesome little music festival, Secret Stages. In a mere few days, a bunch of great local/regional/further afield bands will descend on Birmingham for what promises to be a heck of a good time. (Once again) I won't be there, dangit, but here's who I think is really worth checking out from the excellent lineup.

There's a whole lot to like about Mississippians Greater Pyrenees. The brainchild of Sean Kirkpatrick, the Pyrenees sound is like stumbling across memories and finding yourself in a strangely familiar place. Perhaps it's a place you hadn't been in a long time, a place you might have forgotten about. But it's a wonderful place to go back to. These songs carry a weight and a warmth that really resonates, and they're just plain lovely.   

[posted 7.31.16]


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