Live Review: Plattenbau @ Comet Ping Pong, 4/3/16

"Much less of him and a bit more of me." So went the soundcheck of Plattenbau's set at Comet Ping Pong a few weeks back. At the time, the comment was funny, but it ended up being a smidge of inadvertent foreshadowing. 

I was a happy little clam, getting to see Plattenbau twice in one weekend, thanks to seeing them earlier at the 2016 installment of Macrock. I had put up little resistance to their spiky, gnarly post punk racket, and was pleased to have the chance for more before they popped back over to their Berlin home base. 

Their set began as I had hoped, all lean and wiry and fierce. I was in my happy place as the trio played, exuding such a dynamic muscularity (even with the sound issues that plagued the set). The songs were taut and aggressive, though stopping short of ramming it down ones throat. Staccato gloominess shot through with nervy, energetic bursts filled the room as the band scythed through their setlist. And then, it was all over. 

Happily, it wasn't the band-ending bust-up I had feared, but the skirmish caused the show to wrap up several songs ahead of schedule. Even with the abbreviated set, Plattenbau was great. Should you get the chance to see them, I strongly encourage you to do so.  

[posted 6.26.16]

[photo copyright Megan Petty]


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