The Fashionably Late Top 50 of 2015: Royal Headache

I am forever running late. While it may not be a part of my charm, I would refer you to the old saying about better late than never. In any case, after probably way too much thought, I finally settled upon my favorite 50 records from the year that was 2015. I'm also mixing it up a little this year, y'all. Instead of ranking every record, I'm giving you my picks in alphabetical order, saving my number one, very favorite record of the year for last. So sit back, relax, and refresh your memory of last year's best with a group of records that I hope will tickle your fancy.

Who: Royal Headache

What: High

When: December 2015

Where: What's Your Rupture

Why: I keep thinking of Royal Headache as the modern Aussie version of bands like The Undertones and Thin Lizzy, as they churn out jams that capture a youthful, firecracker spark that marries braggadocio and swagger with impossibly catchy hooks (especially "Electric Shock"). It goes deeper than that, as at times there's a bit of a snarl, as on "Garbage," when the band shows they've got a heck of a bite, and they can also get a bit tender to boot ("Carolina"). There's also something a bit throwback to their overall sound, which adds to the easy appeal of the record. I found it hard not to immediately love this one.   

My very favorite jam: "Another World" and also "Garbage" and probably "Little Star" and "Electric Shock"

[posted 5.14.16]


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