The Fashionably Late Top 50 of 2015: Girls Names

I am forever running late. While it may not be a part of my charm, I would refer you to the old saying about better late than never. In any case, after probably way too much thought, I finally settled upon my favorite 50 records from the year that was 2015. I'm also mixing it up a little this year, y'all. Instead of ranking every record, I'm giving you my picks in alphabetical order, saving my number one, very favorite record of the year for last. So sit back, relax, and refresh your memory of last year's best with a group of records that I hope will tickle your fancy.

Who: Girls Names

What: My Arms Around a Vision

When: October 2015

Where: Tough Love

Why: I shouldn't play favorites, as to get in this list a record already IS a favorite. However, like all parents surely do, I have a few secret favorites. Had I been ranking every record on this list, friend, My Arms Around a Vision* would have ended up in the top 5, no question. Jauntily jarring, the post punk, incredibly catchy gloomery of Girls Names really hits its stride here, unholy rackets of noise creating a clattering aural vision of dark, terrifying beauty. I truly cannot recommend this one enough.  

My very favorite jam: All of 'em. Seriously. 

[posted 5.3.16]

*this record floats around with both the title My Arms Around a Vision and Arms Around a Vision. It's awesome either way. 


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