Newsflash!: A Fuzzily-Sponsored Show!!

Y'all, it brings me so much happiness to tell you about this. I'm positively tingly with excitement. Let me explain.  

Longtime favorite New York eccentric urban folksmiths The Loom will be back in DC this very week as they tour their much-anticipated second record, and yours truly had the pleasure of working on the show. 

Here's why you should eschew all other plans on Wednesday evening and come hang with us at the Velvet Lounge. Not only is The Loom on the bill, but so too are highly excellent locals Near Northeast, Marian McLaughlin, and Seth Schowalter and The False Witnesses. To say it's going to be a great night is to make a grievous understatement. But don't take my word for it. Come to the Velvet Lounge this Wednesday and experience awesomeness times four.     

[posted 4.25.16]


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