Sounds of Savannah Stopover 2016 #6: Mass Gothic

A funny thing has been happening on the way to SXSW, y'all. A whole lot of bands have been making a pitstop in Savannah, Georgia, on their way to the musical motherland of Austin. And the city best known for its history is making waves with this here shindig known as the Savannah Stopover, about to enjoy its sixth iteration. My head has been turned enough to give y'all some recommendations from said Stopover for your listening pleasure. And if you happen to be free from March 10-12, maybe you ought to just venture on down to Savannah for yourself.

As a fan of the dearly departed Hooray for Earth, I was thrilled to learn that one of the band's braintrust, Noel Heroux, had started up a new project. Mass Gothic is new on the scene but is already doing big things. Like a darker, grittier HfE, the Mass Gothic sound is instantly likable and, despite having only debuted live in October, probably sounds devilishly good live.

[posted 2.14.16]


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