Crossing The Pond: Viola Beach

This next one's a bit of a tearjerker, friends, so please bear with me (and don't hate me for relaying sadness). I recently received an email that was totally horrifying to read, so tragic were the contents. Viola Beach, upstarts out of Warrington, had been in an accident while doing a show in Sweden. And all four band members, along with their tour manager, were killed. Heartbreaking, right? 

The band was so very young and full of promise, and were prepping to bring their good time vibes to SXSW and get the ball rolling on this side of the world. So if you're on social media and happen to see the #ViolaBeach4number1 hashtag floating around, it's because of the movement to get the boys a posthumous bump to the top of the charts. I encourage you to spend some time listening to the band's available music and sparing a thought for the lads.   

[posted 2.29.16]


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