Singles Club: The Raveonettes

It's about time The Raveonettes were back on the scene. I hadn't even realized just how much I missed them. But dangit, I sure did. 

"This World is Empty (Without You)" is the first in a year-long series of songs the band is calling the "anti-album," each one a different vibe and unencumbered by the jigsaw puzzle that is trying to fit together as an album. The song itself is a delicious, 80s-inspired brokenhearted, lovelorn pop song that allows the band to indulge in their longtime love of 60s girl group pop sounds with the added fun of mixing in synthy bleeps and beats. Underneath the seemingly straightforwardness of it all is a sentiment I'm sure a great deal of us can relate to. 

Find out more about their RAVE-SOUND-OF-THE-MONTH (and subscribe) here.  

[posted 1.31.16]


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