Singles Club: Holy Wave

By now, I'd have to say that Holy Wave counts as some of my favorite Texans. They're making the new year pretty dang awesome by unleashing a new collection of psych rock gems called Freaks of Nurture (out March 11th on the divine Reverberation Appreciation Society imprint), and have recently unleashed a tantalizing opening volley from said record. Spoiler alert: I love love love it.

"California Took My Bobby Away" is possibly inspired by the RFK assassination, and is definitely, positively, absolutely without question going to get stuck in your head. Languid and lush, the song floats along in a honey-coated haze of beautiful, trancelike repetition. Think of it as pastoral psych, if you will. March sure does feel a long way away, but I'm going to wear this song out while I wait.  

[posted 1.17.16]


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