A Tribute to David Bowie (1947-2016)

This is not something I was at all prepared to write. Ever, really. But especially not today. After all, David Bowie, the man who very probably really did fall to Earth, was going to live on. The elegant chameleon, incredibly mercurial musically and impossibly talented. The living legend was meant to just keep right on living. It's an incredibly sad feeling, to wake up knowing one of the must magical men to ever exist is gone. In a way, it feels a bit like losing a friend. Bowie was always there, with a song for every season, every mood, every style. 

My personal entree to David Bowie began in a suitably rock and roll way. I was 17, and had just decided that I needed to dive headfirst into the wonderful world of Bowie. So I asked a musician where I should start, and to his credit, Mansun's Paul Draper pointed me in the direction of Hunky Dory. And ever since then, I've been in love. Right there with a large percentage of the music-loving masses. There's just something about his music, his personas, that can speak to so many. It welcomes all comers. Deftly, Bowie could shed images at will, like no man before and probably no man ever will again. His was a once-in-a-lifetime talent.  

It's hard to do, but let's try to be happy. Not happy that he's gone, of course. But happy that we lived at a time that we were able to hear his music. To experience his legend. I suppose the thing is that Bowie belonged to all of us, in some way. And now he belongs to the stars. He is a part of the universe at large, where space oddities belong. Rest in peace, David Jones. 


  1. Possibly the best meditation on the loss of a VSP (Very Special Person) I don't want to taint the peacful your words brought. So I'll just say Thank You very much <3


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