XMAS GIFT GUIDE 2015: 9:30 Club Merch

The coming and going of Black Friday means that it's getting down to serious holiday shopping time. Struggling to find a perfect gift for your favorite music lover (or favorite music blogette)? Look no further. These gift guide ideas are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face this holiday season.

I've been going to the 9:30 Club since I was a teenager, and in that span of time it's become one of the premier music venues in the country. Constantly winning awards declaring it to be so, the club pulls in the best of the best every year. Obviously, then, 9:30 Club merch makes for great gifts - from the tote bags to the earplugs to the tees, anything emblazoned with the instantly recognizable club logo is sure to up industry street creed for locals and out of town folks alike.

[posted 12.6.15] 


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