XMAS GIFT GUIDE 2015: Knitted Morrissey Dolls

The coming and going of Black Friday means that it's getting down to serious holiday shopping time. Struggling to find a perfect gift for your favorite music lover (or favorite music blogette)? Look no further. These gift guide ideas are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face this holiday season.

By this point, I'm sure your shopping is done. But bear this next suggestion in mind should you need an after Xmas, oops I forgot to buy you a gift or I just met you and wanted to impress you with an awesome present. Check out these adorable knitted Morrissey dolls, which are pretty much perfect in every way. They even have that delightfully dour look down pat. Make sure you get one when you see one for sale, as the lovely lady who makes the dolls doesn't do commissions. 


[posted 12.24.15]


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