Remix Fix: Django Django/The Phantom Band

In theory I like the idea of the remix: taking someone else's song and tweaking it the way you want it done. It's a great means for completely redoing something, and for reinterpretation. Sometimes remixes go awry, and sometimes they're better than the original. Remix Fix is all about the happy medium when a remix totally nails it and makes a song that much better.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here we have a heck of a remix indeed. Witness the total transformation of the deliriously catchy "Shake and Tremble," by the one and only Django Django, from a booty shaker to a web of delectably disparate bleeps and other noises thanks to those wily Glaswegian wizards of The Phantom Band. Why it's positively almost Gothic at times, in its wild and wooly way, and at other times it's a whirlwind. Beware boys and girls, for it is a changeling!    

[posted 12.13.15]


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