Newsflash!: Tenacious D Auctioning Memorabilia For The Sweet Stuff Foundation

We all know what happened in Paris (and, sadly, in more parts of the world than should ever happen). Through all the tragedy, though, comes that old triumph of the human spirit, the kind of inherent goodness in some that makes people want to help one another in any way they can.

Enter Kyle Gass and Jack Black (y'know, Tenacious D). Say the dudes: "Our friend Josh Homme asked if Tenacious D would participate in the awareness and fundraising campaign in the wake of the recent attacks in Paris...we were eager to join the cause. This is our small but heartfelt contribution."

You can check out several Tenacious D treasures, with proceeds to benefit the Sweet Stuff Foundation. Superfans with deep pockets, dig deep and get your bid on for a very worthy cause. 

[posted 12.27.15]   


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