XMAS GIFT GUIDE 2015: Loveless Everything

The coming and going of Black Friday means that it's getting down to serious holiday shopping time. Struggling to find a perfect gift for your favorite music lover (or favorite music blogette)? Look no further. These gift guide ideas are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face this holiday season.

Seeing as Loveless is one of the best records of all time, it stands to reason that the My Bloody Valentine classic ranks up there as a pretty solid present option. Mind you, it probably is already lurking in your intended's record collection, so what should you do? Obviously, you should still endeavor to bring some Loveless into your loved one's life. In the form of a duvet cover. Or a throw pillow. Or a mug. Or a framed art print...you get the idea. Basically, follow this link and see everything Loveless you could ever think of. And while you're at it, get something for yourself. You've been a good naughty thing this year.  


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