Singles Club: Strange Faces

Strange Faces has wasted no time in getting me to love them. With "I Saw Your Face" the band proffers a heady tribute to the halcyon kaleidoscopic psych pop days of old, replete with a bevy of "oohs" and lines like "I saw the sunrise/and it was the color of your eyes." A pleasant amount of fuzzery and grit abounds in this lightning-quick two minutes, all the while anchored by an ever-present backbone of instrumentation reminiscent of the Glasgow School. Basically, this Chicago band sounds a whole lot like a whole lot of awesome. 

Almost as soon as it starts, the song it over, and without thinking you're going to hit play once again. 

The band's record Stonerism is out on December 11th, and you should strongly consider picking it up.    

[posted 11.29.15]


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