Newsflash!: Stone Roses To Do 2016 Shows

Hopefully y'all have already heard this super exciting news, but I'm so pleased I just had to make sure you knew. It's just that wonderful. 

Everyone's favorite band of Jackson Pollock-loving baggies, the Stone Roses, are going to reunite (once again) to do a trio of UK shows next year. I'm already trying to work out which organ to offload so I can check them out (and I'm only half kidding). After all, it is a life goal to meet all four of the original Roses, and I'm halfway there. 

Seeing as two of the shows fall close to my birthday next year (June 17 and 18 at the Etihad in Manchester), a ticket to one of those shows would make a heck of a birthday present. So too would a ticket to legendary Scottish festival T in the Park. Just an idea.   

[posted 11.6.15]


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