Remix Fix: Screamin Jay Hawkins/Self Evident

In theory I like the idea of the remix: taking someone else's song and tweaking it the way you want it done. It's a great means for completely redoing something, and for reinterpretation. Sometimes remixes go awry, and sometimes they're better than the original. Remix Fix is all about the happy medium when a remix totally nails it and makes a song that much better.

Seeing as today is Halloween, I figured there were few better subject songs than the late Screamin Jay Hawkins's classic "I Put a Spell on You." 

Remixing such a seminal, hoodoo haunted kook of a song like that one requires a heck of a special touch. And to me, Canadian outfit Self Evident has done a heck of a job putting their smoky, bassy, bleepy electro magic in play, completely transforming the song but not the oddball vibe which contributes to its greatness. The remix, as with the original, has personality to spare. And it's ghoulish little treat indeed. 

[posted 10.31.15]


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