Album Review: BRONCHO - Just Enough Hip to Be Woman

Some friends recently asked me to name the band I'd been most digging lately, and after a few seconds the name BRONCHO jumped into my head and right on out of my mouth.

It always happens, somehow, but their second long player Just Enough Hip to Be Woman sailed right under my radar last year, but listening to it as much as I have this year (and it's a whole heck of a lot, y'all, to put it mildly), let me tell y'all that it was one of the best releases of 2014. The Oklahoma outfit absolutely nailed it with these 11 tracks, each a goodness gracious blistering ball of scuzzed up, fuzzed out, grimy rock noise fire with a sense of humor and more than a little swagger. The bravado is certainly warranted, with songs that strut right into your brain and dig right in with their undeniable infectiousness. 

In closing, friends, if you too have somehow managed to sleep on this record, I suggest you make up for lost time and get to it, the sooner the better. 

[posted 9.6.15]


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