The Untitled Interview #213: Starring Sean Zearfoss (Small Reactions)

Atlanta has many charms, chief among these charms is a lively music scene (well, it's certainly not the local baseball team!). 

Small Reactions is a name y'all need to keep a beady eye on out of the ATL scene. The four gentlemen of Small Reactions churn out a delightful delirium of hazy grit and poppy fuzz, a charming noise to be sure. Keeper of the beat Sean Zearfoss has kindly answered some queries, which you can read below. Check out how The Kinks, Lynyrd Skynyrd (be still my heart), and Black Sabbath have influenced one quarter of Small Reactions, and make sure you nab their record Similar Phantoms via Bandcamp

Fuzzy Logic: How do you do?
Sean Zearfoss: Pretty well! We just played a show on Monday and are now taking a break from shows for a while to start working on our second record. I'm battling a pretty serious head cold and ear infection, so I couldn't hear that show, but it felt pretty good!

FL: What was the last song you listened to?
SZ: "Do You Remember Walter?" by The Kinks.

FL: Playing music is:
SZ: Completely necessary.

FL: What album most made you realize you wanted to make music?
SZ: Paranoid by Black Sabbath.

FL: Beatles or Stones?
SZ: Stones, for sure.

FL: What’s your first music memory?
SZ: My mom playing standards like "Moon River," "Unchained Melody," and "Alley Cat" on our upright piano.

FL: Top 5 albums (of now, of this week, of ever):
SZ: Top 5 Albums (of right now):

1. Deerhunter - Microcastle

2. Crystal Stilts - In Love with Oblivion

3. Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground and Nico

4. Echo and the Bunnymen - Ocean Rain

5. Wire - Chairs Missing

FL: Favorite music-related movie?
SZ: Mr. Holland's Opus.

FL: Half-full or half-empty?
SZ: It depends on who drank the other half...

FL: What's the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
SZ: That Paul McCartney must have written "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime" in 10 minutes because it somehow manages to be both the worst and best Christmas song of all time.

FL: Little-known Small Reactions fact?
SZ: We started our band in an effort to sound as much like Phish as possible. It didn't work out and now we just sound like the complete opposite. No joke.

FL: The greatest record store in the world is:
SZ: A tie between Criminal Records and Wax N' Facts, both here in Atlanta.

FL: What was your first show?
SZ: A New Year's Eve show at a place called The Warehouse in Kennesaw, GA. The first show I went to was Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top in 1997. Both were a long, long time ago...

FL: Your boots were made for:
SZ: Walking with a purpose.

FL: Shaken or stirred?
SZ: Shaken, it uses fewer resources.

FL: What’s the longest flight you’ve ever been on, and where to?
SZ: The longest flight I've been on was to the U.K. to play a few shows!

FL: If you weren't in a band you'd be?
SZ: Terribly unhappy.

FL: If you were so inclined, whom would you form a tribute band in honor of?
SZ: Black Sabbath.

FL: Best song ever written?
SZ: "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney.

[posted 8.29.15]


  1. One of the best bands in Atlanta, in my not so humble opinion. Go see them, buy the record, hell just open your wallet or purse and give Sean some money. I know I do.

  2. Easily my favorite band in here in Atlanta...


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