Sounds of Secret Stages 2015 #9: Eleven Year Old

One of these years, by heaven, I'll make it down to Birmingham for Secret Stages. Sadly, it won't be this year, so once again I'll be missing out on the great lineup the festival folks have put together for the fifth iteration of this special event. Nevertheless, your lady friend has done some scoping out of the lineup, and of course I have some recommendations. If you're doing Secret Stages, check these folks out. If you're not, check 'em out anyway!

Oh, the sweet, sweet jittery, wiry fuzz of Birmingham's Eleven Year Old. The kind of ever-so-slightly nostalgic fuzz that gets the toes a-tappin' and the kids out on the dance floor. As they themselves say, "sneaky but well mannered." These three foxy gents have all the ingredients to get yours truly pretty darn excited, and one listen ought to have you ready to do a little shimmy shake yourself. Don't mind me, y'all, I'll just be over here crushing.    

[posted 8.1.15]


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