Video of the Day: Ezra Furman

There’s a bunch of videos out there. Some of them are good. Some of them are a cut above. I like to think my picks for Video Of The Day are a cut (or two) above.

I've been a fan of sidewalk strut videos since Richard Ashcroft stalked streets in that classic Verve video for "Bittersweet Symphony." Ezra Furman definitely isn't following in the sulky, snarling steps of Ashcroft, however, in the bright, fidgety clip for "Restless Year." Instead, the video moves quickly, definitely qualifying as restless. Cameos by a scyth-weilding Death are somehow charming in the grand scheme of things. The song itself is darned hard to resist, a little twitchy and catchy all at once. Both song and video are well worth your time.

Furman releases his debut for Bella Union in July, and a tour is happening soon. Be at the ready, friends. 

[posted 6.13.15]


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