Remix Fix: CHAMPS/Creange

In theory I like the idea of the remix: taking someone else's song and tweaking it the way you want it done. It's a great means for completely redoing something, and for reinterpretation. Sometimes remixes go awry, and sometimes they're better than the original. Remix Fix is all about the happy medium when a remix totally nails it and makes a song that much better.

I've been big into CHAMPS lately, so when an email from Creange floated my way with his remix of their dreamy "Running," my interest was piqued. While an unofficial remix, in my opinion it's more than good enough to get the official nod from CHAMPS. 

In the words of Creange; "This remix is an authentic and poetic invitation to travel far far way from any daily routine. I worked out lively beats and toms as well as a fresh and soothing lead. Get ready for some ethereal positiveness." Creange's beats are lively indeed, adding a light, delightfully playful tropical texture to the already-great song. Many thumbs up.

[posted 4.4.15]


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