(Faux) Live Review: Generationals @ Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, 3/29/15

[Editor's note: In all my years of going to shows (19, to be exact), I've never experienced anything quite like what happened when I ventured out to see Generationals play with Yip Deceiver and Of Montreal in Salt Lake City. After a lengthy delay, it was announced that my favorite New Orleansian dudes Generationals, the sandwich meat on this great bill, was not going to be playing, and it did not feel like a happy situation. I wasn't happy, that's for darn sure, and neither were the gents of Generationals. So, in lieu of actually reviewing the show, for the first and, quite possibly, the last time, I'm going to make up a live review. Yes, my loves, I'm giving you a fictional account of what might have happened had Generationals actually been able to play on that fateful night in Salt Lake City. I hope you'll get a kick out of it. And who knows, maybe it'll actually come to pass one of these nights. Generationals, y'all take note. I might be hinting.]

It was a pretty cool aligning of the stars that happened when I helped my bestest friend move to Salt Lake City last month. We discovered that Yip Deceiver, Generationals, and Of Montreal just happened to be playing in town while I was there. I've seen Grant, Ted, and friends play many a time over the years, but had yet to see them touring latest release Alix. So I was especially excited for the show. After the epic ugly sweater game and sass Yip Deceiver laid down, there was palpable excitement coursing through the Urban Lounge as the SLC hipsters waited for the Big Easy boys to start. Finally, lights went down, confetti floated down from the ceiling, and the dudes took the stage, dressed in gear John Hughes would most definitely approve of.

I've always thought that Generationals songs would be great for John Hughes flicks, and they took that notion and ran with it. Not only were Grant and Ted decked out in threads akin to those worn by Blaine and Stef in Pretty In Pink (Ted in a white linen suit, of course), they also included a number of Hughes flick covers in their set (my favorite was, as you might expect, their cover of OMD's "If You Leave."). The rest of the set was a mix of Generationals songs pulled from each lp and ep, and I was tickled pink to hear the bouncy sheen of "Carrying The Torch" and the prismatic flutter of "Victim of Trap," both from the splendid Trust ep included on the setlist.

The Lucky Numbers ep, a favorite of mine, was played in its entirety, starting with the playful synthy ripples of "Lucky Numbers" to the oh-so-Hughes drama of "Hazel House" to the darker bursts of "Sale City." It was definitely a treat to hear songs that aren't often played live. A Duckie-alike and Geek-alike were frequently on the stage along with the band, doing their best Duck and Geek dances and getting the crowd good and lathered up. The folks on the dance floor were going nuts, and it was a great night to let your inner 80s dancer out. Think the Pretty In Pink prom scene minus the ridiculous frothy dresses and bad pastel tuxes and you've got it. The newer songs, from Alix, sounded delightful, the SLC crowd loving the tropical tones and good time vibes of songs like "Charlemagne," "Black Lemon," and "It Took a Minute." 

The set, though it went on for nearly two hours, passed by in a flash, and Of Montreal had a heck of a touch act to follow. All in all, another great Generationals gig. 

If only it had actually happened. 

[Editor's note: Definitely go see Generationals if they come through your neck of the woods. They're well worth your time, Hughes theme or not.]   

[posted 4.25.15]

[photo copyright Megan Petty]


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