Sounds of SXSW 2015 #40: OBN IIIs

It's getting to be that time of year again, y'all. That time in March when spring is tantalizingly close, and when bands from just about every corner of the earth (and the music press who loves them) gathers in Austin for SXSW. I know some folks think it's just a big industry schmooze-fest, but I still get a thrill out of checking out the (massive) list of bands and finding someone new to fall in smit with. The bands I'm profiling this year are bands that I would definitely seek out were I going to SXSW this year. If you're going to Austin, or even if you're not, give them a listen.

Thanks to the wonders of recorded music, I can already tell y'all that OBN IIIs kill it live. Their sound, live, is ramshackle, unapologetic, confrontational, and straight up rock. It's also a wee bit loud. For some reason I always think of the MC5 when I listen to these Texans. See if you agree. If you dig your music a little on the shambolic side, you're gonna love these guys.

[posted 3.19.15]


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