Live Review: Bonfire Beach @ Black Cat, 9/21/14

It has been my experience over these many years that those darling Dandy Warhols tend to have pretty good bands touring with them. Case in point: Bonfire Beach

Side gig of Miss Dexy Valentine (Magic Wands), Bonfire Beach had me under their spell pretty much right off the bat. Their sound trends towards a sultry darkness, full of drone, fuzz, and muscle. Valentine's take on girl group cooing was ferocious, husky and low and meaning all sorts of business. And those shades didn't come off all set long. 

The band played a hell of a set. They somehow balance this irrepressible spark with an attitude of utter nonchalance, as if they just expect to roll out of bed and sound killer. I loved every song they played, and hopefully it won't be too long before they're back in this neck of the woods.

The below gives you an idea more of Valentine's pipes than the band's racket, but it makes for a nice Saturday morning listen.

[posted 12.6.14]

[photo copyright Megan Petty]


  1. "a sultry darkness, full of drone, fuzz, and muscle" so nicely put! i'm a big fan of Lit, it's still in heavy rotation here. I can't remember why I missed the gig :(


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