The Week In Shows: 7/28-8/3

An icky, stormy Sunday morning seems as good a time as any to plot ones weekly live music schedule, I think. Let's take a look at what's happening in the greater DC metro this week, with the added bonus of filling you in on what I may or may not be taking in over the course of this abbreviated week. Hot diggity!

It's gray gray gray and I'm blue blue blue. But there's nothing like live music to turn frowns upside down. These are my suggestions for your upcoming week, y'all, so I hope you'll seriously consider attending one or two (or three or four). And you never know, I just might see you out and about during the week.

MONDAY, 7/28/14

-Mates of State (U Street Music Hall)
-Black Sparks + Stereosleep + The Raised By Wolves (Fort Reno)
-Short Lives + The Fed (Galaxy Hut)

TUESDAY, 7/29/14

-Showpony + Deaf Scene + Mariner Project (DC9)
-Bear's Den + East Ghost (Black Cat)

WEDNESDAY, 7/30/14

-Honeyblood + Public (DC9)
- Exar Kun + Two Inch Astronaut + Jerkagram + Anchor 3 (Velvet Lounge)

THURSDAY, 7/31/14

-In It Together Fest (Ft. Loko)

FRIDAY, 8/1/14

-Imelda May (The Birchmere)
-The Weathervanes + Mutts (Iota)
-In It Together Fest (Union Arts & The Dougout)

SATURDAY, 8/2/14

-Derek Evry & His Band of Misanthropes + Red States + Black Checker (Velvet Lounge)
-In It Together Fest (The Pinch & The Jamjar & Bathtub Republic & The Beehive & Ezra Mae's & St. Stephen's)
-Telesma + Swampcandy (Gypsy Sally's)
-French Admirals + Exit Vehicles + Kelly Ann Beavers + Pat Frank (Rock & Roll Hotel)

SUNDAY, 8/3/14

-In It Together Fest (Crack Rock Creek Church & Paper Haus)
-Harness Flux + America Hearts + Finley Martin (The Pinch)

[posted 7.27.14]

[calendar image courtesy SarahHearts]


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