Sounds Of Secret Stages 2014 #2: Rrest

Y'all know I've got all sorts of love for Sweet Home Alabama, and if there was any way I could be in Birmingham next weekend I would be. You see, Secret Stages is next weekend! If you're not familiar, it's a little festival devoted to the best of new (primarily) Southern music, and I'm just dying to go check it out. So, since I can't be there, here's a few bands I'd definitely be making time for.

There's something positively charming about Atlanta's Rrest. And something more than a little restless (rrestless?!). Throwing caution to the wind, the band emits a sound that's hard to resist. They remind me a whole lot of my dearly departed Broken West at times, a glossy, slick perfection jibing with gorgeous shades of modern loneliness and thoughtfulness. If that wasn't enough, they can also throw down a solid piece of twangy melancholy, which yours truly is definitely smitten with. 

Pardon me while I swoon. 

[posted 7.28.14]


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