Merchtastic #3: Merchandise

As a gal with a major weakness when it comes to shopping (and bands), I'm naturally drawn to band merch. Over the years I've seen a lot of bands peddling a lot of things, and bought quite a few of those tees and records and totes and what have you. This little feature is my tribute to musicians and their wares.

Band: Merchandise
Show Date: 6/27/14, Metro Gallery (Baltimore)
For sale: Vinyl, CDs, tote bags, posters

Notes: Definitely one of the more interesting merch areas, if only because of the wacky Wheel of Fortune on the wall behind the desk (gotta love that the dollar amounts were all zero, save for one section - BONER). I found myself torn over which version of the tour poster to buy, but ended up nabbing the last of the white hot red/purpley/white/black ones. The crazy blue/pink/green one is still out there, y'all, so get one. They were hand-done by the band/s (poster is for the joint Merchandise/The Ukiah Drag jaunt) and are ridiculously cool. Also on offer is a variety of CDs and vinyl, as well as a nifty tote, though I was a bit bummed not to see any tees. More merchandise next time, Merchandise!   

[photo copyright Megan Petty]


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