A Mix Betwixt Friends: Ryan Howard

Y'all know I'm an unapologetic music snob. And I'm an unapologetic Nationals fan. But it pains me when, having been heckled by rather clever fans wielding Nickelback-related signs during the Phillies visit to the Braves recently, Ryan Howard kinda sorta admitted to...listening to Nickelback. And that just hurts my heart. He might be a Phil, but he's a dude in need of some musical guidance. And y'all know I'm fixing to stick my opinions right into this situation. Because Ryan isn't doing himself any favors by not adamantly denying listening to Nickelback (saying instead "How do they know I listen to Nickelback," which is questionable at best and leaves his musical choices, as such a public figure, open to scrutiny and, where appropriate, ridicule). When you get down to it, I want to help him help himself. 

Now, we all know that when it comes to tepid, bland, downright awful music, Ryan can't do much better. If that's his bag. But if Ryan wants to really diversify that musical portfolio of his and check out some serious rock and fucking roll, he's missing out. But all is not lost. I'd like to help and suggest some credible, awesome alternatives to what might be lurking in Ryan Howard's music library. Ryan, if you see this, don't say Nats fans never did anything for you. Heck, maybe one of these will end up being your new at-bat jam.  

Creepoid is Philly. The Phillies are Philly. Noisy enough to drown out any heckles.

Gringo Star hails from Braves country. They're Braves fans. But they're also awesome, and we can overlook certain affiliations if you make awesome music.

If I had my way, everyone would love The Brian Jonestown Massacre. This shit is for when you need to expand your planes of consciousness and go to some far out places. Or, everyday.

It's impossible not to love CHVRCHES, and when three Scottish kids cover Whitney, goodness happens.

If it's rock you want, the Greeks will give it to you.

Need to chill? Listen to Washed Out and watch the world melt away.

The Black Angels is one of the best bands in the world, psychedelic or otherwise.

Mind Spiders is pure awesome. Much like hitting a grand slam or catching the last out of a game.

Hot Chip kills it non-stop. Good for batting practice.

Wonderful, chaotic noise from UK legends Primal Scream.

The Living Eyes = bratty, snarly rock from Down Under.

[posted 6.21.14]


  1. Lol very deft and clever employment of the incident as a premise for plugging good Philly stuff! I like Creepoid too, saw them and bought their recent EP a few months back


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