Meet Truthers

Oh, Brooklyn. How I love you and your seemingly endless bounty of good bands. It's been a little while since I talked about the borough with the mostess, but it's time to amend that good and proper with a look at the adorable and addictive outfit known as Truthers

As is wont to happen, what originally started life as a side project turned into something more serious, and the band is soon to release a 7" upon the world. In the meantime, there's "Calm Canaries," a song that I am all sorts of smitten with. Described as a "poppy lo-fi song," it does indeed dance prettily around the ears with lively fuzz and rampant catchiness. It's also a little bit out there at times, cheekily all over the place, never quite letting you figure it all out. And really, who doesn't like a little mystery? It's a heck of a song, and it serves as quite an introduction to this promising foursome.

[posted 5.10.14]
[band photo by Lissy Elle]


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