Live Review: Eagulls @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 5/14/14

There's really nothing like seeing a band you kinda really dig for the first time. And I must admit, I'd been looking forward to seeing noisy English upstarts Eagulls for a while. I've had their self-titled lp on a whole lot lately, and I was curious to see how the songs would go over live. Turns out, the only thing I was disappointed with was the turnout. But as far as Eagulls is concerned, hot damn, y'all.

Right away, I was impressed. The band sounded great, and had a raw, powerful presence on the Rock & Roll Hotel's stage. At times I felt a little spooked by just how uncannily singer George Mitchell seemed to unwittingly channel Ian Curtis. Curtis-ian moments aside, Eagulls really nailed their set. It was a loud, wonderful set, and more than did justice to the unapologetic vitriol that peppers the record. 

The crowd, while smaller than it really ought to have been, gave it their best, even getting some impromptu moshing going during several of the more rousing points in the set. It felt like a younger crowd, which, given the Eagulls tendency to sound a bit petulantly rebellious, makes quite a bit of sense. 

Mitchell's delivering of the songs was pretty much right on. Casual and indifferent, but derisive at the same time, he was wiry and impossible to ignore. And of course, points to any band that has a guitarist who can toss his hair with abandon worthy of the finest in 80s hair metal bands. The end was nigh much too quickly, and while it was a favorite song (the lively, rollicking roil that is "Possessed"), I wanted more. 

So really, y'all, the biggest problem with seeing Eagulls live is that their set will end. And if you're as into them as I am, that'll be kind of a bummer. But otherwise, get out there and check these dudes out whenever humanly possible. 

[photo copyright Megan Petty]

[posted 5.18.14]


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