Crossing The Pond: Cathode Ray Eyes

Seeing as The Cult of Dom Keller made one of my favorite records of last year, it would just be silly for me not to talk about Cult member Ryan's side gig, Cathode Ray Eyes. Not unexpectedly, there's some psych rock involved, but it's not what you think.

The songs here are interesting and quixotic as they wanna be, as with TCODK, but there's an almost spiritual vibration happening here. Depending, of course, on your beliefs. A touch stripped down at times, the songs venture deep into shadowy gray areas and down below the murky depths. You never know what you might hear from one song to the next. The gritty noise isn't far off, though, it's always there. Lurking. Cathode Ray Eyes is a mighty fine solo project, and for fans of all things psych shouldn't be missed.

[posted 5.17.14]


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