Crossing The Pond: Tuff Love

It's another day, which means it's time to check out another band from Scotland. Glasgow is on it right now, with waves of great bands popping up all over the place. Good on you, Glasgae!

Tuff Love is a trio. They'll tell you they "play pop music with guitars," and cite Pixies and Weezer (among others) as influences. You'll definitely hear both in the crosshairs of Tuff Love's songs, at times they sound like girl-fronted 90s grunge band that's somehow lost its way and ended up in 2014. They temper the crunchy bits with really pretty, dreamy vocals, doing that whole juxtaposition thing so very well. 

They just released the Junk EP, which is really rather a misnomer, and you can catch snippets of songs over at their Bandcamp. And you should also just buy it. And count on seeing more about these three right here.  

[posted 5.10.14]


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