Crossing The Pond: Saint Sécaire

Yeah, I know, I'm on a real Glasgow kick lately. What can I say? You can't throw a can of Irn Bru ten feet without hitting a good band in that town. I recently stumbled across still more Glaswegians who rather intrigued me.

Saint Secaire, for a band, is quite young. Their newness hasn't stopped them from creating a sound that is quite interesting. At times they call to mind The Nectarine No. 9, all droll and can't-give-a-shit, while others they wail with gusto. On "Need The Speed," they give Leonard Cohen's words a bluesy rock backdrop, a move that Cohen fans may or may not approve of (but I'm in favor). Their self-titled debut EP was released only recently, and shows a lot of promise. I'll be watching to see what they come up with next.   

[posted 5.8.14]


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