Sounds of Macrock 2014 #7: Big Ups

A wonderful thing happens every year in the beauteous mountains of Western Virginia. For one weekend in early April, the city of Harrisonburg is the epicenter of a dynamite little festival, the Mid Atlantic College Radio Conference, otherwise known as Macrock. I’ve been to a couple of these events, and have had a brilliant time taking in the bands and breathing the beautiful mountain air. Alas and alack, I won’t be in Harrisonburg this weekend for this year’s Macrock, but that doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to who’s going to be playing. I’ve made a list of bands I think worthy of your time, whether you’re heading to the mountains or not.

I love the restlessness that crawls along through the songs of Big Ups. They are jittery, they are high strung, they are nervy and lean. The exclamation point of a plaintive, frustrated howl releases waves of frustration and it sounds oh so good. Don't sleep on Big Ups.

[posted 4.5.14]


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