Sounds of Macrock 2014 #4: Ovlov

A wonderful thing happens every year in the beauteous mountains of Western Virginia. For one weekend in early April, the city of Harrisonburg is the epicenter of a dynamite little festival, the Mid Atlantic College Radio Conference, otherwise known as Macrock. I’ve been to a couple of these events, and have had a brilliant time taking in the bands and breathing the beautiful mountain air. Alas and alack, I won’t be in Harrisonburg this weekend for this year’s Macrock, but that doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to who’s going to be playing. I’ve made a list of bands I think worthy of your time, whether you’re heading to the mountains or not.

A word to the wise, y'all. If you're going to Macrock this weekend (as you should) and are planning on seeing Ovlov (as you should), make sure you have at least one pair of earplugs. So very loud in the best of ways, Ovlov is sure to deliver plenty of delicious distortion and waves of brain-liquifying noise. They are a definite can't-miss, so don't.

[posted 4.4.14]


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