Meet Flesh Panthers

Lean, raw, and badass. You could certainly apply those terms to actual big cat panthers, but they also more than apply to Chicago’s Flesh Panthers. Holy hell, y’all.

I somehow stumbled upon Flesh Panthers and was all sorts of impressed by their live recording from earlier this year. Their songs are no frills, sweat-drenched and sinewy good god almighty rock and roll for the sake of rock and roll. Veering from jittery to in your face to straight up sexy, this is a band with some presence, to say the least. And any band with the cajones not only to tackle “Sister Ray” but do a damn fine job covering it is top dollar in my book.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty excited about Flesh Panthers (and not just because they have ridiculously awesome cat tee shirts).

[posted 4.2.14]


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