Meet The Baudelaires

Charles Baudelaire was a saucy minx. His poetry caused all sorts of stirs in 19th century Paris, and he was, as the kids say, kind of a big deal. So to name your band in honor of the one and only Baudelaire could be a risky proposition. That is, unless you happen to live up to the name. Which, thankfully, Melbourne's The Baudelaires just happen to do.

The Aussie foursome's most recent release, Samariterstrasse, is a collection of four dangerously delectable, potently hypnotic psych rock songs. Combining an undercurrent of pop sensibilities with a hearty helping of mesmeric haze, The Baudelaires does their namesake proud. Final song "To The Stuttgarter Who Took My Song..." breaks from the pack with a scatching, spoken-word diatribe against modern day conformity and proves an interesting way to end things. All in all, friends, The Baudelaires is another quality export from that potent Australian psychdelic scene.

[posted 4.27.14]


  1. Awesome little write up ! The guys at Happy also wrote this sweet little review. It's worth a read :)


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