The Fashionably Late Top 60 of 2013: #21 - Grooms

When it comes to year-end lists, y'all know I don't mess around. I don't post my picks from the previous year for weeks after the next year has started. In 2013 there was a bounty of music that entered the world that made me deliriously happy to be blessed with the sense of sound. So I have pondered, marinated, and contemplated for weeks. Music from 2013 has been digested for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and yes, even dessert). And now, friends, it's time. Time to share with you what I consider the cream of one heck of a crop indeed. You might see things omitted here that you think should be on a Best Of list. This list isn't what I think you want to read. This list is what I feel about last year. These are records and songs that really mattered to me for one reason of another. If it's not here, I either didn't spend enough time with it or just didn't love it quite enough. A big, big thank you to all of the artists who created the music on this list, the music that I fell in love with last year.

WHO: Grooms

WHAT: Infinity Caller

WHEN: September 2013

WHERE: Western Vinyl

WHY: Some records, like some people, just make sense in your life. Infinity Caller makes perfect sense in my world, like some of my nearest and dearest friends. Comfortably loud and fuzzed, and prone to random acts of ridiculously rocking out, Grooms is instantly and completely likeable. The more I listen to this record, the more I can’t stop listening to it. Damned addictive, that’s what it is. Carefully crafted songs convey a thoughtful rock structure, enhanced by washes of dreamlike haze and foggy fuzzery and endless rambunctious energy. You’ll also hear one of my favorite songs of the entire year here (“I Think We’re Alone Now”). A mighty fine record indeed.

MY JAMS: “I Think We’re Alone Now” “Iskra Goodbye” “Sleep Detective” “Susie Jo” “Completely” “Very Very Librarian” “Sometimes Sometimes” “Something I Learned Today”

[posted 3.18.14]


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