Guest Best Of: Starring Matt Klimas (The Low Branches, The Snowy Owls)

Y'all know that my Best Of 2013 is a little ways away (I promise, it'll be earlier than last year's roundup), but to get you in the end of year mood, I thought I'd ask a few musician friends for their picks for the best records of this year. I'm also nosy/curious, and just wanted to see what they'd choose. After all, as I said last year, a person's record selections say a lot about them.

It's time for some more Richmond around these parts, I do declare. So let's visit with one of my most very favorite Richmonders/Richmond musicians, Mister Matt Klimas. It's not at all a surprise to me that this list is full of awesome. If you're not yet familiar with Matt's work with the prettiness of  The Low Branches and/or the pretty noise of The Snowy Owls, please rectify. And now, the good word (in no particular order).

Windhand - Soma
Most satisfyingly steady and brooding metal album I've ever encountered – from RVA dream doomers.

Black Hearted Brother - Stars Are Our Home
Sprouting from the roots of Slowdive, it's the Beach Boys in a blender, launched into outer space.

True Widow - Circumambulation
Stunning in it's spareness, enveloping in it's thickness.

Speedy Ortiz - Major Arcana
Wry, jagged, and quirky hooks wrapped in guitar jangle and crunch.

Lorde - Pure Heroine
My faith in pop music has been restored.

Hayden - Us Alone
One of the most perfectly produced songwriter albums I've heard in years.

Yo La Tengo - Fade
The masters get me every time.

Cate le Bon - Mug Museum
Sparks of Television, flashes of Bowie, and a voice of gold.

Whirr - Around
Viva the slowcore/shoegaze revival.

My Bloody Valentine - mbv
Speaks for itself.


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