Guest Best Of: Starring Jason Russo (Hopewell, Common Prayer)

Y'all know that my Best Of 2013 is a little ways away (I promise, it'll be earlier than last year's roundup), but to get you in the end of year mood, I thought I'd ask a few musician friends for their picks for the best records of this year. I'm also nosy/curious, and just wanted to see what they'd choose. After all, as I said last year, a person's record selections say a lot about them.

I've been a fan of Jason Russo for years. After all, he's part of the Mercury Rev extended family, and his two main projects, Hopewell and Common Prayer, just so happen to be rather fantastic (and more than rather worth your while). Here's what my favorite wearer of white got his kicks from this year, and as an added bonus, some other stuff that's been happening in his 2013. Oh, and by the by, watch this space as Common Prayer's latest just might make my list this year. Without further ado, here's the cream of 2013's crop, according to Mister Russo.

Wooden Wand: Blood Oaths of the New Blues - came out in January – def the best thing to be released in a good long while. Support this band.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Push The Sky Away - It's just comforting to hear his voice. Like an nice uncle.

Nitemoves: Themes - Rory helped us make parts of our new record. He is definitely a genius. A term I don't use lightly.

My Bloody Valentine: m b v - y'know..

"Other than that we've been cooking dinner and listening to: Air Supply's Greatest Hits, Journey's Greatest Hits, Steve Winwood: Back in the High Life / Higher Love/ Valerie, Don Henley: End Of The Innocence / NY Minute, Van Halen 2 , Peter Gabriel and Mr Mister (Kyrie). The most important (re) discovery of the year has been Supertramp: Breakfast In America. One of the finest records ever committed to vinyl."


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