Crossing The Pond: Life Model

There's something about Glasgow. Indeed, Scotland as a whole is pretty amazing, but Glasgow is a cut above. As you might expect for a happening city, the scene in that dear green place is pretty vibrant, and has been since (at least) the days of Orange Juice and Josef K. Life Model is the latest Glaswegian outfit to catch my ear, and their reverence for the past translates so very well to the present day.

The reference that most comes to mind when listening to Life Model's single "Glazed" is the ethereal, seductive noise of Lush. Indeed, Life Model has plenty of that wonderful, shimmering fuzz and lovely, breathy vocals. Much of the guitar work reminds me of the early 90s (most probably a combination vibe of debut lp Charlatans/Leisure-era Blur in feel), another rather appealing quality to the band's work. I like what I hear very much, and consider them to be very much worth your time. 


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