Sounds of Echo Fest 2013 #4: Haunted Leather

As a lover of festivals who just so happens to be a lover of psych, it should come as absolutely no surprise in the slightest that the psychedelically-inclined Echo Fest is totally in my wheelhouse. Created and curated by Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, the Echo Fest (now in year 4) showcases some of the mighty fine psych and experimental bands found out there in the Middle Western territories. Should you find yourself in the greater Detroit area on November 16th, there's not a better event to attend.

O yes, my sweet ne'er-do-wells, I do believe I have fallen in love with Haunted Leather. Their black magical sonic manipulations call to mind spectral shades rendered reborn thanks to whispered incantations uttered on morose desert midnights. One of these days, I would love to see them share a stage with The Black Angels, as their sound is in that mighty fine vein.


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