Sounds Of O+ Festival 2013 #6: Nature Films

Y'all know I love a festival. Being around well-curated music for days at a time is nigh on heavenly to me. But sometimes, festivals can go above and beyond even that personal experience and not only provide miles and miles of glorious music and art, but a worthwhile cause to boot. Witness the O+ Festival, held this coming weekend in scenic Kingston, NY (with Left Coast activities too). O+ not only brings together some seriously great bands but seeks to provide health services for musicians. It's a darned noble cause, worthy of much attention and heaps of praise. I'm highlighting a selection of bands on this year's O+ roster that definitely merit a closer look.

I'm into the idea of festivals celebrating the regional music scene. Hopscotch is great at this, pulling incredible North Carolina acts together every year. Turns out the folks at O+ know some really fantastic New York State-ian bands, and made sure to include them on the bill for this year's fest. One such band is Nature Films, warblingly pastoral and warmly folksy (with the occasional burst of rambunctiousness thrown in for kicks). It's small town music, very cozy and very enveloping. And very, very enjoyable to listen to.


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