LP Lust: Philadelphia Fever Edition

We all know the City of Brotherly Love isn't really my very favorite place to be (I try, I really do). There is a whole lot I do like about Philly, however, and I am officially quite jealous of the city's record shops. Which is probably for the best that they're up there and I'm down here...otherwise I'd be even more broke. Philly, I've got the fever for your record stores.

Earlier this week, I laid down some bucks to get my hands on some killer vinyl...included in the list below you'll see a hefty amount of chancers, those records that get bought because you can't resist a) the cover, b) the liner notes, or c) the band's photos (in some cases, all of the above). I was pretty dang happy with what I got, and as soon as I get my needle fixed I'll let y'all know how these records sound. 

*Carlton Melton - Empty Shapes

*The Betterdays - Howlin

*The Box Tops - Dimensions

*Mitch Ryder - The Detroit-Memphis Experiment

*Dr. Feelgood - Malpractice

*Heathern Haints - Heathern Haints

*Chase - Ennea

*Blues Magoos - Electric Comic Book

*The Interns - Official Film Soundtrack

*Kris, Willie, Dolly & Brenda - The Winning Hand  


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