Live Review: Spider Bags @ 9:30 Club, 9/29/13

I don't mind saying that I was darned pleased to get to see Spider Bags at the good old 9:30 Club. Opening up for Superchunk, these Carolina dudes did their thing so very well, and made this Virginia girl so very happy to have seen them. 

"I'm gonna tune for you, that's home important I feel this night is," declared Dan McGee betwixt songs. He wasn't whistling Dixie. A great sonic fit for Superchunk, the boys of Spider Bags rocked out from the word go. Deceptively casual, the band kicked out a number of lo-fi, low-key jams filled with big riffs and kicky beats.

Ultimately, their songs come across as likeable as the members of the band themselves. Comfortable but with a kick, the rock and roll of Spider Bags successfully mixes cardigan rock with whisky rock-a-roller sass, and that's a dang good thing in my book. Recommended for an enjoyable live experience.

[photo by Megan Petty]


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