Live Review: Deap Vally @ Ram's Head Live, 10/2/13

I've been curious about the ladies of Deap Vally for a wee while now. Sure, they can wail like nobody's business on record, but how does their dynamic duo act play out live? 

It was silly to question, really. Turns out this feisty pair was every bit as great as I had hoped they would be. Raw and dynamic, they were like fury in petite, badass babe form, channeling the days of killer arena rock with a take-no-prisoners stone cold fever.  

Shoeless, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards shook, rattled, and rolled the heck out of their set. Their songs have sass for days, fireballs full of gritty rock and blues. They wailed, they were magnetic. Their set was liberating in its wanton abandon and obliviousness to the rules. "You guys rock," someone yelled towards the end of the set. Friends, he was spot on.

These two spitfires are serious, y'all. Deap Vally is it. They've got the chops, they've got the look, and they've got it in the bag. Most highly recommended. 

[photos by Megan Petty]



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