Sounds Of Hopscotch 2013 #16: Ama Divers

Hard as it may be to believe, it's once again time for Hopscotch. One of my favorite festival happenings, Hopscotch is a mere hop, skip, and a jump or two from the DC metro in lovely Raleigh, North Carolina. For the past few years they've been reeling in some seriously impressive lineups, and this year looks to be no different. Thanks to scheduling conflicts, I won't be heading down for this year's sonic extravaganza, but (not at all surprisingly) I've got recommendations on who to check out if you're heading to the fest.

If you really stop and think about the surface area of the Research Triangle, the sheer volume of bands, not to mention the number of seriously good bands, is a little out of control. Hopscotch could do an entire festival of just local bands and it would still be one of the best in the country. Ama Divers, of Durham, is yet another of these local treasures. In their words, "an experimental ambient project." I say they're beautiful, ethereal, strung with rarity and perched on the edge of memory. I'd imagine them to be a very rewarding live experience.


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